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    The sites mentioned in this article will be divided into different categories, but some sites may actually due under the various sections of each page can have content covering many topics. Author delimited categories here is nothing to know who wrote those pages often track for most items, not only specializes in website content. Most of all, this website is the English page.

    * To manage large numbers of sites, I encourage you to use your browser's bookmark manager can easily sort and search when needed. Press Ctrl + Shift + O on Chrome or Ctrl + Shift + B to open the bookmark manager in Firefox, create folders and manage bookmarks.

    Web synthesis digital marketing topics
    Marketing Land here was news website updated synthesis of digital marketing are diverse and numerous. The content on this site including Search, Mobile, Analytics, Social, Display, Email, Retail and more. Most of the latest industry news will be updated shortly on this website.

    Think With Google website marketing undertaken by Google in part toward the microphone moments, part of the topic on the Google product such as YouTube, Adwords, GDN, DoubleClick. This site also has articles analyzing marketing channels of different sectors such as B2B, fashion, finance, healthcare, retail, technology etc ...

    Blog Marketo Marketo build a content rich blog and interesting with many topics about marketing automation, social media, content marketing, email marketing, etc ...

    HubSpot Blog blog marketing one of the most significant track. Thien much about content, design, optimization, sales and agency-specific information.

    Web technology topics
    TechCrunch an aggregated news pages with lots of information on the latest technology platforms and is updated regularly and quickly.

    Mashable , a news site general technology with new content constantly updated and fit to help you keep track of market trends.

    Engadget all news about the latest technology can be found here, but Engadget strong on content as the product technology introduction and product review.

    ZDNet has been established since 1997, ZDNet is probably one of the oldest technology sites exist until now. This page focuses on a wide array of information such as hardware, mobile, cloud, big data, programmer etc ...

    Topics Search Marketing web
    Search Engine Land is a cousin of Marketing Land website, focusing mainly on the array search, SEO - SEM and the news related to the search engines. If you need up-to-date with information about SEO, this is the website you should monitor.

    Blog Moz Moz (formerly SEOmoz) is a website that any SEO people should know, offers a lot of interesting and useful knowledge on topics SEO - SEM. Currently Moz whether the content is still leading SEO but have expanded and contains all the content of the Content, Email, CRO, Social Media and also quite useful. You can download the video documentation SEO - Inbound Marketing from Moz .

    Search Engine Watch one of the leading websites for content related to Search: SEO-SEM and also includes many other helpful topics such as Social, Analytics, Video, Content, etc. Is worth to point to updated information and helpful articles about Search and relevant content.

    Search Engine Journal, a website that specializes in theme with names starting Search is Search Engine. As with every website that specializes in SEO - SEM others, SEJ also gradually expanding into a variety of topics related to this segment as Content, Social Media, Paid Search.

    QuickSprout Blog written by Neil Patel, one of the SEOs are known in the world market and is the co-founders and the KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg. QuickSprout focused helpful content about SEO and related arrays and SEO impact.

    Web analysis topics
    Google Analytics Blog official blog Google Analytics is the place you need to visit first if you want the information, guidance and in-depth analysis by Google Analytics tool. Blog also has some very interesting case studies.

    KissMetrics Blog KISSMetrics an amazing blog is tracked on the topic analysis, testing, and online marketing. Each article has the numbers to prove and illustrate visually. Well worth a bookmark.

    Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik, one of the most prominent people in the field of analysis and reading through his writings, you will understand why. His blog posts extremely interesting and exciting for the analysis and make a decision based on the data can be. If you are an addict Digital Marketer analyze the numbers, then this is the first page you should bookmark on the list.

    Annielytics Annie is an expert in analyzing and her blog focused on how to guide the exploitation and efficient use analytics tools like Google Analytics. If you want direction depth analysis of Annie, the blog will be a very valuable source of knowledge.

    Social web marketing topics
    Blog Buffer not only owns useful tool Social Marketing, Buffer also owns one of the most prominent blog on the topic Social Marketing with depth articles useful.

    Social Media Examiner this is the site that you should bookmark if you want to keep track of all the latest updates on Social. With so many useful articles and regularly updated SME is a website that you should follow.

    Topics Email Marketing Web
    Vero Blog you have ever wondered why the open rate, click rate of your email is not high or conversion of the email was not good enough? If you are interested in Email Marketing (you should), it is Vero hall containing information extremely valuable to help you find answers to these questions.

    MailChimp Blog is not only the leading email applications on the market, MailChimp also owns a blog with useful content and value. These case studies and experimental data is authenticated by what you need to find a direction for their email campaigns.

    Emma Blog synthesis advice and useful information to help you create a great email marketing campaign.

    Web Copy & Content Marketing topics
    Copyblogger CopyBloggers has one of the leading blogs about marketing and copywriting content array. Behind each screen is a human and humans interacting only with interesting and useful content that they feel like and if you truly believe this, this blog's content will be helpful for you.

    Content Marketing Institute is the gathering place of the article content marketing expert leading and trusted destination for all the latest information and updates on topics useful content marketing.

    KopyWriting if you want to know how to improve your content and make them more efficient, the article KopyWriting is what you need. Fun and engaging way of writing with useful content, this is the blog you should bookmark categories for your content often read about.

    B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner is a leading expert in content and knowledge he shared it on this blog useful. Standing on the article page are instructions how your content can actually be more effective in getting sales leads or improved with content strategy.

    Topics Web Mobile Marketing
    Apptamin Apptamin synthesis blog all the information for those who are related to the mobile segment, whether developers, marketers and designers. These articles are very thorough and helpful with the advertising theme from mobile applications to tracking, support tools, etc ...

    TUNE focus more on mobile applications with content related to optimization on the app store, advertising for mobile applications, advertising on the phone. With in-depth content and is equally useful, TUNE is worth to bookmark the page if you're learning about mobile marketing.

    Swrve understand what users want, how interaction on mobile applications essential to the mobile oriented correctly. The article on Swrve aims to help you understand the insights that.

    Topics web design, UI / UX
    UXMovement this is the leading destination if you want to learn about UX, how to how to improve the user experience on the website. The articles cover many topics from forms, navigation, CTA - button, content, wireframes, etc. ...

    UXpin where you can find almost any information you need concerning topics UI / UX. The content of blogs covering topics ranging from web design, mobile design till, testing, product development manager. Worth bookmarking if you are interested in these topics.

    Usability Tools blog focused on improving the design to increase user experience and thereby improve conversion rate (conversion rate). If you are interested in and concerned about UX CRO, this blog is for you.

    UXMag a website about UX UI also worth tracking with articles very useful and interesting on many topics related not only encapsulated in web or mobile.

    UXMyths This site focuses on breaking the wrong attitude on issues related to UI / UX is based on the arguments and convincing evidence. There is a lot of knowledge you can learn from this page.

    CRO web theme, A / B testing
    ConversionXL this is probably blog about topics CRO (conversion rate optimization) or most current known writer. The article aims to optimize conversion rates by increasing the user experience through A / B testing, analysis and evaluation.

    UnBounce blog content useful extremely good and strong focus on A / B testing and conversion rate optimization of the different channels. The case studies are documented in the data and reasoning are arguments to support. Bookmark this website to learn a lot of useful knowledge.

    Optimizely is a tool of the A / B testing today's top and of course they have the first ones to express their blog is a leader in this segment. This articles provides information and case studies useful knowledge that any person interested in the CRO will feel useful.

    Visual Web Optimizer blog VWO similar Optimizely, bookmark to add useful knowledge related to the A / B testing and CRO.

    Read more: process A / B testing

    Reference web ad templates
    Ads of the World, a website that gathers a lot of advertisements of the companies in the world are divided by type of advertising, country, industry. Worth a bookmark to track and find ideas.

    Advertising Served a general website advertisements and implementation process and the direction and purpose of implementing the campaign team. Very useful for you as a creative agency.

    Served Advertising website advertising this set of videos made by the various Agencies. The only obstacle is probably the use of French websites, use Google Translate if necessary.

    Rich Media Gallery website under Google, aggregate outstanding display ads running on YouTube system, DoubleClick, Adwords.

    Rich Media Gallery website template set of advertising on mobile phones of different firms. general advertisements print ads classic style.

    Brainient synthesis of interactive and video ads by Brainient, quite diverse.

    Web download marketing materials
    HubSpot Libabry library is probably the largest digital marketing ebook you can find where to download for free. There are handicapped ebooks on every topic and not just ebooks, but also has templates, worksheets, extremely useful guide.

    Bookboon synthesis lot about marketing ebooks, on both digital and traditional. Also there are many ebooks on the topic.

    E-book Directory synthesize some ebooks on marketing and sales. Also there are many ebooks on the topic.

    Web entertainment for Digital Marketing People
    Well, read more and acquire more knowledge is also very heavy, it must have started, here are some sites dedicated to local entertainment marketers to help you relax and then can continue to better:

    The Coding Love
    Go Guests
    SEO This Life
    This Life Advertising
    Social Media What Should We Call

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